HRC Fuses                                                                                                                              
  • HRC Fuses Type HN

HRC fuses type HN have been specially designed to offer you greater advantages. The integral fuse knife and inner plate assembly of these fuses are manufactured by a cold extrusion process which eliminates joint resistance.
The result: a watt loss far lower than the standards specified by IS 9224. This gives you a two-fold benefit: Lower temperature rise. Saving in power.

  • HRC Fuses Type 2A-63A, 415 V 50 Hz

Fuse link type HF is designed for fast action. Its quick reaponse ensures that risk of damage to system is minimised.
Fuse base and holder type HC is moulded of superior quality thermoset plastic. Designed for quick, simple and risk free replacement of fuses.

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