Apollo Soyuz Transformers                                                                                                 
Goel Agencies is an Authorized Dealer for Apollo Soyuz Electricals Pvt. Ltd.
  • APOLLO Transformers are constructed to withstand +10% continuous voltage fluctuations.
  • Confirms to relevant I.S. and International Standards.
  • Rugged construction for Maintenance free performance.
  • Insulation class 'E' to 'H' as per specification.
  • High quality CRGO ensures LOW - No Load Losses.
  • Low Watt losses - High Efficiency Products.
  • Vaccum impregnated with international Quality Varnishes.
  • Chemically treated Hardware prevents rusting.
  • Terminals shrouded for safety.
  • Extra Sheet Metal Enclosures as per required IP class of protection, provided on request.
  • Product testing carried out by Calibrated Test Equipments.
  • Double Voltage Triple Frequency tested.
  • Individual Product Test Certificate with routine & Type tests provided.
  • Special care taken during designing to facilitate easy Installation / Maintenance.
  • All APOLLO Products are comprehensively guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of commissioning / 21 months from the date of delivery.
  • Single Phase Transformers
  • Three Phase Transformers
  • Voltage Transformer Low Tension
  • Iron core reactors Single/Three phase
  • Air Core Reactors(Single/Three Phase)
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